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  • Sam

    February 8, 2021 at 9:28 am

    Hi Pegasus members!

    We have had a lot of pegasus members talk to us about the trials and tribulations of getting word out about their business. So we have decided to turn our social media channels into a broadcast network of sorts, where we will provide air time for you all to share your story/business with our audience.

    It costs nothing, but you will have to put in the work to record your video and send it to us.

    If you want us to shout your story/business to the world, please see instructions below!


    Pegasus Broadcast

    Here’s what we’re looking for…

    🐴 If you’re an equestrian business: We want the focus to be more on your story, who you are and why you chose to make your passion for horses your business. Then tell us how that story became a business. In short, we want to know why your business is what it is, not just what it is.

    🐴 If you’re not a business, but rather a rider or any other equestrian enthusiast: Tell us about your passion for horses!

    🐴 A photo/video of what exactly, you might ask?: Here are some ideas – Horseshow highlight, a quick tour of your beautiful stable, a training exercise in action, you getting geared up for cross country, etc!

    🐴 Why do we want it?: We want to showcase our community in a joint campaign with the new equestrian platform, Pegasus.

    🐴 What we don’t want: A straight advertisement/commercial of what you’re selling.

    🐴 Other items to note: This is a FREE showcase highlighting members of the Pegasus Community, so you must be a member to partake (join for free at

    🐴 So what do we need from you? Either a video (maximum length of 1 minute) or a photo. Must be high quality, without any filters, and no selfies in either video or photo. So have a friend or family member film it, or set up the camera so you can film yourself in full frame.

    🐴 How will you submit the photo/video? Click the link HERE ➡

    This will take you to a Google form to submit your photo/video.

    We have an example video shown below to illustrate what we are looking for.

    Your story will be promoted and marketed across all Pegasus socials and mediums.

    Any questions, DM or email

    And check out an example showcase video of Sam, Pegasus co-founder, here!

    New Landing Page

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