Keep Them Drinking!

Keep them drinking! It’s cold everywhere, even here in Florida, where it was 30 at 7:30 this morning. I always note how much water Gabriel drinks over night, as well as my donkeys, Blossom and Fiona. Gabe has 2 buckets in his stall which I empty and fill to the top DAILY with clean, fresh water. The donkeys have a bucket and a muck bucket of water in their run. They all have access to a muck bucket of water throughout the day in their pasture. ( I like using muck buckets as they are easy to dump and clean every day!)

They get salt added to their dinner and if it’s especially cold, I add salt to breakfast. The result is half full buckets in Gabes stall and the donkeys muck bucket is about 1/4 down. They rarely drink out of the bucket in their stall, but I still give them the option of one.

In addition, they get a mash everyday for lunch, 365 days a year. In the winter, I use warm water instead of cold. I might add carrots and apples and Hilton Herbs Herballs as well. I also add warm water to dinner and breakfast on especially cold days.

I even give my goats, hens and ducks a warm mash, adding oatmeal to their lunch of veggies. They love it!

Warm mashed warms everyone up on the inside and gets water into them.

Keep them hydrated and you’ll keep the vet away!

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