A platform optimized for equestrians

A marketplace for trading, selling and buying all your equestrian assets with simplicity.

Unlike other popular social media marketplaces, Pegasus Marketplace is optimized for the filtering of, and searching for, equestrian assets.

Finding a horse, farrier, farm sitter or private trail will never be hard again with Pegasus Search.

Whether you are looking for something or have skills worth sharing, Pegasus Search will help you succeed.

We’ve all used Facebook to connect, share and trade. But things get lost in the enormity of content and we have to wade through non-equestrian content to find what we desire.

Pegasus brings you an equestrian focused community optimized for equestrian needs and social events so your posts never get lost again.

Finding tips, advice and answers to your weird and wonderful equestrian questions will never be difficult again.

Pegasus Forums makes it easy to start new discussions, ask questions and get real answers from other passionate equestrians.

Keeping tabs on equestrian news around the world has always been difficult, with bits and peices of it scattered all over the place.

No more! Pegasus News pulls in all equestrian news, filtered by discline, into one easy to scroll place!

Equestrians love to share their stories, passions and experiences with others.u00a0

Pegasus Blogs makes it easier than ever before with a beautiful space to write, publish, share and discuss with other equestrians.

In the equestrian world, professional and local events have always been separated across varying websites, social media pages, etc.

Pegasus events brings them together in a single place where you can create, attend, rsvp and search for any and all equestrian events.

Waivers. Bills of Sale. Boarding Agreements. Etc.

We’ve all signed documents that were never seen again as they disappeared into the mud of the tack room or the into the bottom of our show bags.

No more! Pegasus Paperwork makes it easy to electronically fill out, sign and save all sorts of equestrian specific forms right on your phone or laptop.

Never lose a key document again with Pegasus Documents.u00a0

Pegasus Documents allows you to upload paperwork, share it with other riders, businesses or groups, and save them for a rainy day so you always know where you equestrian paperwork is when you need it.

Whether you are looking for a working student to help out around the stable, or you are an equine professional looking for your next job, Pegasus Jobs is for you.

You can post a job, upload resumes, review applications, set up job alerts, and much more.

Hiring or finding equine employment has never been easier.

Your Pegasus Profile is where you can manage your entire equestrian life.u00a0

Documents. Events. Business Listings. Messages. Private Notes. Etc.u00a0

Your Pegasus Dashboard is the only thing you need to run your equine life.

The equestrian community, connected

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