Product Review: Hilton Herbs

My feed room contains these products from Hilton Herbs

I first tried Hilton Herbs about 10 years ago. My draft cross, Tucker, suffered from severe allergies. He was allergy tested, was administered allergy shots and I tried every product on the market, to no avail. Then I saw an ad for Hilton Herbs Bye Bye Itch in a magazine, ordered the supplement, lotion and medicated shampoo and  gave it a try with mild optimism.

Three days after starting Tucker on the supplement and rubbing the lotion into his raw tail, I realized that there was hair growth in his tail and his hives that had covered his body were gone. His itching was not as bad either.

After a few weeks, when it was quite apparent that the Bye Bye Itch was clearly working, I reached out to Hilary Self, medical herbalist,  author of The Herbal Horse, co-founder and co-owner of Hilton Herbs to let her know how pleased I was with the product and to inquire about putting our retired Thoroughbred mare, Impulsive, on Vitex Plus, for her cushings. Hilary offered to send me a sample, as my concern was that Miss Picky would not eat it. However, she surprised us by eating it, and I was able to stop the fight of getting her cushings meds into her and put her solely on Vitex Plus with great success.

It wasn’t long before I was a big fan of all things Hilton Herbs. The TLC linament and Muscle Magic were great on sore legs and body following cross country. The medicated shampoo was a great compliment to the Bye Bye Itch. Phytobalm is a soothing ointment for cuts and scrapes. Because Hilton Herbs is all natural and held to strict standards of the Nationals Animal Supplement Council and other British regulations, the ingredients are human grade and safe to use on all animals and people. Many times have I used Bye Bye Itch on a bee sting or rash as well as EZ Arnica on strains and bruises and Phytobalm on cuts.

Because I had horses with metabolic disorders, it made sense to give them the Herball treats. No added molasses or sugar, the treats are a healthy option to all the sugary crap we feed our horses. And the horses LOVE them! I refer to them as crack for horses. I have yet to meet a horse that doesn’t like them. My current Thoroughbred, Gabriel, will only eat Herballs. Carrots and apples in his winter mash are tossed out of his feed tub onto the floor as he searches for the Herballs.

When Hilton Herbs came out with the Mud Defender lotion and supplement a few years ago, I didn’t think I would have need for it, as I didn’t have any horses with scratches or rain rot, which it was developed for. But then I heard from a friend how well the topical worked on not only all kinds of skin crud, but the anti-bacterial/anti-fungal worked on a summer sore, of which my Tucker had been plaqued by his entire life. Nothing from the vet worked anymore, and while it really doesn’t make sense for it to work on something that is best cured by Ivermectin, it does work and I know of at least 4 horses that it has worked on.

The Mud Defender came out of the first aid closet this past fall with the arrival of Gabriel, who suffered not only scratches and rain rot, but had a major case of Aural Plaque in his ears. I reached out to Hilary for advice. She had never trialed the Mud Defender on Aural Plaque and I am happy to report that I saw a big difference in just 2 weeks, the rain rot was gone in 5 days and the scratches were kept under control and finally done away with in about a month. In addition to the Mud Defender, he was bathed regularly with the medicated shampoo, called High Horse. There is also a version for dogs called High Dog, which I use regularly on my itchy mutt., 

Gabriel’s ears and rain rot upon arrival, first 4 photos

Gabriel’s ears just 2 weeks post treatment in last 2 photos

Hilton Herbs Hoof and Health is probably the best hoof supplement on the market. A tiny bit goes a long way. An 8.8 pound tub costs just under $90 and lasts several months and in the summer months, my farrier asks me to stop using it due to the excessive growth. He now recommends it to all his clients. He is always happy with the quality of my horses hooves and an extra bonus is that they usually dapple out on it in the spring!

Hilary and her husband Tony (Hil-Ton….get it??) have dedicated themselves to making superior products that solve most issues we all have with our animals. My dogs are on the joint supplement and my ducks and chickens also get Hilton Herbs. I think I have used most of their products at one point or another and it will always be my go to Number One product!

If you can’t find it in your local feed or tack store, their website is

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