Product Review: SoloComb

Gabriel modeling his pulled mane

Gabriel with his long shaggy mane

Solo comb

If they gave out Nobel Peace prizes in the equestrian world, I would hope that the Solo comb is one of the first to be given the award.

Like many horsemen, I was taught to pull manes by literally pulling the hair out. That’s why it’s called pulling mane, right? I had seen the SoloComb in tack stores but thought it was a luxury to dole out over $30 for the tool. Until I got a sensitive red head Thoroughbred mare, who absolutely hated to have her mane pulled. Can you blame her? Try pulling your own hair out and tell me how it feels. And don’t feed me any crap about horses not being able to feel it.

So I shelled out about $34 for the comb with little expectations as to how well it worked. I took it to the barn and while a friend fed treats to my mare, I started to work on her mane. And surprisingly, she allowed me to shorten her mane!

I was instantly sold and told myself that I would never again subject a horse to the torture of pulling their mane.

If you aren’t familiar with the SoloComb, it is a mane comb with a blade. You simply back comb the mane, press the lever and the hair is instantly cut. And it is done so painlessly.

Today I finally tackled Gabriel’s mane. I literally shortened his mane while he was out in his paddock. No halter, no cross ties, no twitch. I was finished in about 10 minutes!

Seriously, you owe it to yourself and more importantly, your horse, to do away with the medieval practice of mane pulling and invest in a SoloComb. 

Your horse will thank you for doing so!

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