Equi-Stim Leg Saver®


Designed to kill infection, treat lameness and ease arthritis in horses, the EQUI-STIM LEG SAVER® attacks inflammation at a cellular level for accelerated healing and amazing results.


Leg Saver uses Ting Point Electro Therapy, a holistic, multi-frequency method to treat the area of injury by utilizing the body’s own electrical pathways. Our proprietary anti-viral and anti-bacterial waveform pattern stimulates the muscles surrounding the injury, disease, or infection through these pathways to increase oxygen-rich blood flow to the area. This in turn reduces pain through the release of endorphins.

The use of these “Energy Meridians” have been a touchstone of Chinese medicine for thousands of years as a healing platform. Our use of Ting Points, or “acupoints” act as electrical sockets through which the electro therapy enters and travels along the meridian to the organ in need. This highly effective method triggers the body’s own healing response to speed up recovery time so your horse can be back on the track, faster.

Leg Saver Treats:
Lactic Acid Removal
Muscle soreness
Sshoulder pain
Azutoria or Tying-up
Lung bleeding
Hunter Bump / Sacroiliac
Check Ligaments
Colic and Stomach disorders
Immune System Stimulation, poor appetite
Increased stamina
Bacterial & viral infections
The Leg Saver EMS unit for horses is powered by a rechargeable battery and comes with a 12v 500 milliamp adapter. Each charge lasts 40 – 60 hours, with a recommended recharge session every 3 days. Our power pack and battery are manufactured in Canada.

Benefits of Leg Saver
Equi-stim Leg Saver equine tens machineFor peak performance, a horse’s organs such as the lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen, heart, intestines and stomach must all be in harmonic balance as they have a direct connection to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, hooves, bones and brain.
Our patented, non-invasive equine EMS machine treatment accelerates recovery time and works to alleviate multiple conditions to ensure a horse’s top performance by balancing the body.

Leg Saver:
Removes inflammation (swelling and edema)
Stimulates circulation
Reduces acute and chronic pain
Increases range of motion and eases tightness
Increases performance and stamina
*Please find instructional videos on our YouTube channel.
*Leg Saver’s unique transformer must be used for charging

Organs such as lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen, heart, stomach, and large intestine must be in harmonic balance or need to be re-balanced for the horse to have any chance of performing at peak levels. All of these organs have a direct connection to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, hooves, bones, brains & performance.

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