Italian Leather Bridles


Tired of paying double and triple for a quality bridle? Check out our new line of Italian leather bridles for dressage and eventing (Micklem style). Starting at just $159.95. Weymouth bridles are $199.95 and all come complete with reins.


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Padded anatomical crowns. Relaxed (curved) brow bands.
Micklem style in black and brown. $159.95
Dressage with 2 caveson types, tapered and cut out for extra bit room. Patent and leather. $159.95
Rubber lined leather reins with hand stops for a secure grip in any weather.
Weymouth $199.95 (and snaffle) bridles come with a padded, relaxed leather brow. Fancy “bling” brow is available for purchase separately.
Horse and Cob sizes.