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We are 100% sold on the new Royal Heritage Merida and Merryweather saddles. Everyone who has tried these two saddles has purchased them.


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Saddle fit issues? Need a new saddle that actually fits? On a budget? Want a saddle that doesn’t break the bank? has over 40 years of experience fitting the hard to fit horse and the hard to fit rider. Lynnda has designed saddles for Whitman Saddle Mfg. Co. Midwest Saddlery (the Rembrandt line of saddles), Intec/IRH (the Toulouse line of saddles), her name is on the patent of the Genesis adjustable tree and now the new RHC (Royal Heritage line of saddles).

Does my saddle fit my horse? Does my saddle fit me? I’m having a problem with?
Send your questions and photo’s to: She (I) am here to help you make your ride comfortable and effective.

The new Royal Heritage saddles start as low as $895.00 (children’s saddles are as low as $650.00) with leathers/irons and all the gullets. Yes, these saddles have an adjustable gullet and the gullets come free with every Royal Heritage saddle. If you’ve had a problem in the past with adjustable gullet saddles not fitting the Merida and Merryweather saddles will probably fit your croup high horse, short backed horse, low backed horse comfortably.

We help you through every stage of saddle purchase and fit including the first year of flocking FREE!