Pegasus Commerce

Turn your passion into an income

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What do I get?

Visitor Traffic Analytics

View live and historic data about users visiting your page.  Use this intelligence to adjust your page, sales strategy, etc.

Commerce Groups & Forums

We don’t need to make mistakes others have already made. Pegasus Commerce groups are places to share advice, lessons and tips to optimize business success. 

Premium Tech Support

Direct communication channels with Pegasus’ technology team to help them with any technological challenges or inquiries.

Coming Soon Features

Pegasus has big plans for the future, including bookable products, virtual meetings and payments, and much more. Commerce members will get all this as part of this subscription.

Who is Pegasus Commerce for?

Service Businesses

Farriers, Chiropractors, etc. Attract more business than you can handle so you can pick and choose your clients

Barn & Stable Owners

Monetize your vacant stalls by starting a Boarding Barn or Horse Motel

Research Institutions

Raise awareness for your research and programs to crowd source funding


Online, offline or both. Whatever you sell, however you sell it, make sure Pegasus members can find you.


Highlight your experience, facilities and programs so you are never short on students

Horse Sales Agents

Drop a pin on your region of expertise so buyers can contract your services

Land Owners

Monetize your land by renting it out for trail rides, etc.

Education Institutions

Farrier school, equine college programs, etc. Get the word out so you never face under capacity again

Club Managers

Drop a pin on the map so everyone can find you. Never struggle for members again!

Career Changers

Become a Horse Inspector or Horse Motelier and make a career out of your passion



Pegasus Member


Pegasus Commerce


Social Media Features



Global Equine News



Document Management

Document Generation



Add Horse

Add Charity & NFP

Add Public Trail

Add Private Trail

Add Service Business

Add Retail Business

Add Club

Add Research Organization

Page Traffic Analytics

Horses, Charities & Public Trails

Services, Retail, Clubs, Research & Private Trails

Commerce Groups & Forums

Premium Customer Support

Future Commerce Features

Farriers, boarding barns, chiropractors, animal communicators, etc. 

Drop your pin on our map so Pegasus members can find you!

The equestrian retails space is increasingly competitive. New brands are popping up every day and with international shipping, the market is now international. 

Make sure Pegasus members can find you with ease by dropping your pin on our map and linking your profile page to your website!

Farriers schools, Equine College Programs, Horse Nutrition Certifications, etc. 

Drop your pin on our map so that students can find you and enroll with ease.

Fox Hunting Clubs, Pony Clubs, etc. People want to join but don’t know how to find you. 

Drop your pin on our map and never struggle to find members again!

University research departments,   independent research projects, etc.

Equestrian enthusiasts are interested in your research, but they don’t hear about your work and don’t know how to get involved.

Drop your pin on our map and crowd source funding!

Live on a beautiful property that you want to share with respectful riders looking for new trails?

Drop your pin on our map and earn some extra income from your land.

Whether you are looking for new students or students are looking for you. 

Drop your pin on the map and never waste time filling the roster again.

Horse inspectors, farm sitters or newly graduated farriers, Pegasus makes it easier than ever to make a career for yourself in the equestrian industry.

Drop your pin on our map and build a customer portfolio!

Horses are large investments and Pegasus members are looking for guidance. But they don’t know you exist.

Drop your pin on our map and help them find you and your region of expertise.

Barns and stables are valuable assets that should be 100% utilized.

Whether you run a professional boarding barn or a horse motel for weary travelers and nearby competitors, drop your pin on our map and turn your extra capacity into a second income.

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