When Life Hands You Lemons…Buy A Horse

So much has happened in the 3 months since we bought a farm….we have added 4 Buff Orphington hen chicks and 4 Welsh Harlequin duckings, the pastures are becoming lush with grass and the plants are blooming, despite the wicked heat. Blossom continues to act as if she is the boss over Secret, who is gracious and just plain ignores the ears back, bare teeth charges that fail to make contact. I love watching all the animals interact….it takes your mind off all the sadness and turmoil that is inflicting our country currently. I adopted Secret a little over 2 years ago as a barely backed, just turned 3 Thoroughbred. The plan was to let her grow and mature for at least 6 months, while I worked with her on the ground. As I previously blogged, our first ride in January, 2019, did not go according to plan, she erupted into a crow hopping bucking frenzy and I ended up in the ER with a torn calf muscle, which I suffered when my leg connected with her leg during my emergency dismount. We had another crow hopping bucking incident this past March, which resulted in a much better emergency dismount on my part, although something (stirrup? her shoulder?) connected with the inside of my left knee, which is still bruised to this day. Sadly, we had 2 more bucking incidents in the past month…the first occurred in the cross ties, after I stretched her leg. Possibly a nerve was pinched, but her reaction was swift and violent, which left her shaking and scared. It took a 2 hour orthobionomy treatment 2 days later to finally calm her down. A week later, after a lovely ground work session, she began to buck before Kirsten even had the chance to put her foot in the irons. At this point, I could send her to Ocala for a thorough vetting for kissing spines, a bone spur or ? Interestingly, when she has been worked on, her pelvis has been out by several inches, so it makes me wonder if that is the cause of her bucking. It has been suggested that I send her to a pro to “ride the bucks out of her” but I honestly believe that this is a pain driven response. She is a sensitive red head, after all! But even if I find a reason, I can no longer trust her, especially to ride by myself. She just doesn’t buck…she erupts into a violent crow hopping, 180 degree twisting frenzy. So with a heavy heart, Secret has been retired. I don’t know her future at this point. Possibly as a broodmare, as with her bloodlines, she would be much wanted. For now, she hangs out with Blossom. So with Peter’s blessing, I began to search for a new horse. Surprisingly, I found him rather quickly. But i think that when it feels right, you just know! So welcome Buzz, JC name Power Buzz. He is a laid back, puppy dog personality 4 year old unraced Thoroughbred. He’s a big boy, 16.2 and stocky. The complete opposite of Tucker, very forward and responsive to your leg. He has a good WHOA though and a good brain. He goes along on a loose rein. A canter to die for! And the cutest floppy ears! I will need to get used to his big stride but I think once i get him fitted for a saddle that fits both of us, that will be a big help…I tried him in a hunt seat saddle! He will need a new name and he comes home Friday! I am so excited!

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